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Delivering successful installations through specialty service packages

Service Packages

Gekko Service Packages offer an effective way for mining companies to take advantage of Gekko’s technical services and expertise in an integrated, scheduled manner, that’s flexible to suit their operational needs.

Technical Partnerships are specialised, high-level projects that aim to innovate and optimise gravity-based mining processes.

Service Contracts are designed to maintain the regular service function of a specific piece of mining equipment or mining circuit.

Operating Contracts engage Gekko personnel to oversee and manage the day-to-day running of a process circuit or Gekko equipment on-site.

For more information or to arrange a service package, contact Gekko today.   

Delivering successful installations worldwide through speciality service packages.


Gekko are recognised experts in innovative flowsheet design and specialist technical knowledge of eco-friendly gravity techniques for efficiency gains.

Service Packages offer step-change economic and environmental benefits for mining operations to achieve tangible, profitable results.

Knowledgeable Gekko specialists will ensure no delays and no unexpected demands on client staff resources occur.

Take advantage of the combination of Gekko’s equipment specialists, professional laboratory services and leading technical expertise.

Gekko are proud of their products and will ensure that Gekko equipment under all service packages are maintained correctly, used properly and run optimally.

Gekko will recommend future design upgrades, specific for the mine or circuit, if operational changes occur that impact optimal recoveries.

Packages in Detail

Gekko are highly sought after for specialised technical partnerships. These partnerships are ideal for clients seeking to innovate and optimise mining processes aligned with Gekko's globally recognised excellence in mineral processing such as gravity concentration and intensive leaching.

Gekko engage corporate, academic and research centre clients seeking new or better ways to achieve major efficiency and recovery gains by leveraging Gekko's highly skilled specialists and renowned knowledge base. Strong technical partnerships will involve other professional Gekko services, such as service contracts, operating contracts, technical consulting, process design, installation, commissioning, training and tech support, as well as Gekko's certified laboratory services.

Contact Gekko for more information about initiating a technical partnership today.

Global Leaders

Gekko's global reputation for providing solutions and making a difference extends to nurturing proactive teams and supporting development in local communities.

Dedicated Project Teams

Knowledgeable Gekko staff, with a single project focus, will ensure no delays and no unexpected demands on client staff resources.

Consistent Growth

A technical partnership with Gekko will develop valuable and ongoing technical improvements on site that will advance mining operations.

Technical resources

Take advantage of Gekko’s technical specialists, professional laboratory services and leading intellectual expertise in energy efficient gravity separation flowsheets. 

Improved operations

Gekko will work to achieve the priorities set by the client to build and install a new and/or more efficient mining process for a specific purpose.

Retain knowledge

Gekko provide ongoing knowledge, experience and expertise that guarantees a core knowledge base is always available and not lost when company employees leave.

Operating contracts with Gekko are ideal for mining operations seeking to improve mineral recoveries via energy efficient gravity separation and leach processes, but who don’t have the in-house expertise or staff resources to do so.

Distinct from Gekko service contracts, an operating contract is a site-specific operational agreement that engages Gekko specialists to run a process circuit or to operate Gekko equipment on-site. Gekko professionals will operate Gekko equipment more effectively than other personnel.

Such operational contracts are typically set up after Gekko have designed and built, then installed and commissioned a piece of equipment or process.

Contact Gekko for more information about operating contracts.

Expert management

A Gekko operations manager will provide on-site expertise and staffing support to efficiently meet all deliverables of the operating contract.

Efficient recoveries

Gekko’s key focus is to add step-change economic and environmental benefits to a mining operation and deliver tangible, profitable results.

Design knowledge

Gekko’s intellectual expertise in the design of energy efficient gravity separation flowsheets supports and guides Gekko staff delivering operating contracts. 

Process performance

Experience the peace of mind and profits that an operationally sound and optimised Gekko device and process circuit delivers. 

Long-term agreement

Ongoing operational efficiency is achieved with a Gekko operating contract and specialist input to produce great results.

Agile mining

Gekko’s expert knowledge of energy efficient gravity flowsheets guarantees that operations will run optimally, safely and with a low environmental impact.

A service contract is a site-specific equipment service agreement exclusively for purchasers of Gekko Systems products.

With a tailored service contract in place, customers have greater access to Gekko personnel and receive scheduled equipment audits, condition checks and maintenance reviews. As a result, Gekko equipment will operate smoothly, at the highest efficiency, for years of profitable returns.

Furthermore, a service contract covers more than simply Gekko equipment. All operational aspects of the process will be evaluated, including scientific analysis of survey samples, to ensure the best returns are consistently delivered from the circuit.

For more information about arranging a service contract, contact Gekko today.

Efficient operations

Enjoy the peace of mind and profits that an operationally sound Gekko device and process circuit delivers. 

Equipment expert

Professional on-site servicing by a Gekko equipment specialist will promptly address all deliverables of the service contract. 

Extended agreement

The best value, and greatest operational efficiency, from Gekko equipment is achieved with a comprehensive service contract, where Gekko will deliver the highest level of customer service.   

Priority service

Gekko will provide scheduled technical advice, operational training and mechanical support for reliable and efficient equipment function. 

Extra care

Gekko are proud of their products and take extra steps to ensure that Gekko equipment under a service contract is used properly and is running optimally.

Future recommendations

Gekko will recommend design upgrades specific for the mine or circuit if there are operational changes that impact optimal recovery. 

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