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Delivering successful installations through specialty service packages

Process Design

A dedicated team in Gekko’s engineering department delivers process design and engineering services.

After laboratory tests identify valuable, extractable mineral in the ore, Gekko designers will develop an economical process flowsheet to extract the mineral efficiently.

An innovative process concept will be proposed that addresses client requirements. Stepping away from tradition, Gekko provide cutting-edge process designs with energy-saving and environmental benefits.

Budget costing, timeframe forecasting and technical advice are also part of Gekko’s process design and engineering service.

Talk to Gekko today about tailoring a technical service package for engineering and process design projects.

Gekko’s process design service offers a one-on-one focus, tailored to the client’s requirements.


Gekko’s specialty is innovating equipment for greater recoveries that also offer environmental gains, such as lower water and energy consumption.

Gekko have a dedicated, collaborative team of technical experts that concentrate solely on process design and engineering studies for clients.

Tailored to the client’s unique scenario and desired outcomes, Gekko’s process design service undertakes every project with a one-on-one focus.

Gekko specialists assess new process designs for acceptable operational ‘trade offs’ to recover the most mineral with the greatest energy efficiency.

A process design that considers the economics of mining, and ultimately delivers profits, is critical to the success of any mining operation.

Gekko designers will develop a new or improved process for a specific purpose that delivers optimal operations and has positive environmental outcomes.

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