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Delivering successful installations through specialty service packages


The correct and precise installation of Gekko Systems equipment ensures optimal mineral recoveries and safe work operations.

Because each mine site has its own installation challenges, Gekko tailor efficient, safe equipment installations for specific locations. Gekko instruct and guide on-site company supervisors, site managers and leading-hand staff to install equipment, or provide such personnel if needed.

Gekko handle all client-specific conditions to install equipment properly. Ranging from installing a single device to a full plant, Gekko factory-commission all equipment prior to installation and ensure equipment warranties are maintained post installation.

To enquire about installation services contact Gekko today. Find out more about Gekko’s technical service packages here.

A professional mechanical and technical team will be on site to ensure on-time plant installation.


Because Gekko specialists design, build and test Gekko equipment, the correct and proper installation of Gekko equipment is guaranteed.

Gekko oversee, coordinate and schedule the numerous installation steps required, accelerating equipment installation and maintaining workplace safety.

As world-leading experts in gravity recovery, Gekko’s core technical knowledge ensures installed devices perform correctly, optimally and efficiently.

A Gekko-managed equipment installation will be operating and recovering valuable minerals quickly and efficiently.

Gekko provide safe electrical, mechanical, process and control installation expertise, making Gekko’s installation service extremely cost-effective.

Gekko have performed numerous successful and diverse equipment installations into many countries.

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