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Delivering successful installations through specialty service packages


After the successful installation of Gekko equipment, on-site commissioning by Gekko specialists only will ensure that the new machine or process plant functions properly and delivers the expected results.

Using a systematic approach, Gekko’s quality control and safety experts oversee the mechanical, electrical, water operation and control system commissioning. Emergency systems and other safety factors are also tested.

To safeguard against problems arising on site, Gekko conduct factory equipment commissioning before shipping, and individual equipment pre-testing by request.

In short, equipment commissioning is essential for achieving the equipment’s operational and recovery targets. Contact Gekko for more information or find out how a technical service package may benefit.

Gekko provide a comprehensive quality assurance program to ensure all plant functions operate effectively, safely and with minimal impact on the environment.


Professional commissioning dramatically reduces the risk of downtime, accidents and inefficiencies and enhances safe operation and profitability.

Equipment functions correctly and is fully operational quickly, so the capital investment is rapidly recouped and profits maximised.

During commissioning, Gekko will ensure the equipment is safe and site personnel will be familiarised in correct and safe equipment operation.

Gekko experts correctly commission newly installed equipment, therefore the start-up time to full production is shortened, saving time and money.

Commissioning guarantees optimal efficiency and ensures that the right product is recovered for many years of operation, which increases the total life of mine.

Equipment commissioning ensures that energy efficient operations and environmentally friendly outcomes are delivered.

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