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Brochure - Ferno Cool Vest

Cool Vest uses RPCM technology by Glacier Tek Inc. to keep you cool in hot working conditions

Brochure - Ferno Emergency and Rescue Catalogue

A complete suite of products for ambulance, emergency medicine, rescue and safety

Brochure - Ferno First Aid Boxes

First Aid boxes with removable dividers in trays, are deeper and have a tamper-proof lock system

Download Brochures

Brochure - Ferno KED Pro

Ferno K.E.D.® is the fore-front of extrication equipment and is a vital tool required for use in confined space rescue and vehicle extrication situations

Brochure - Height Safety

A trusted name for over four decades, Ferno Australia has been proudly supplying high performance safety, emergency and rescue devices

Brochure - Ferno Arachnipod

World’s most versatile modular total edge management system (TEMS).

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Spare Parts

Even the most robust mining equipment require a replacement part from time to time. That’s why Gekko have spare parts for all their proprietary equipment, available and ready for immediate shipping.

Better still, customers can pre-order spare parts for their Gekko equipment. The part will then be available on site when the time comes to replace it. Rapid availability of spare parts is critical for preventing lost production due to ordering and shipping of parts.

Gekko will recommend a list of both operational and critical spare parts for clients to have available on site, depending on their specific equipment or type of operation. This will help overcome mechanical breakdowns due to normal wear, such as replacing valves and pumps, and address possible electrical malfunctions, such as replacing a proximity switch or level.

For staff performing a part replacement to Gekko equipment or within Gekko circuits, technical support and training is available. For further information, contact Gekko today.

Gekko spare parts are available and quick to ship.


Keep critical mining operations running at full capacity by having spare parts close at hand.

Time and money are saved when Gekko spare parts are available, restoring a mining circuit to full operation for continued financial gains.

Perform efficient equipment maintenance and servicing when Gekko parts are available or ordered in advance.

Operations and maintenance staff will enjoy the convenience of having Gekko spare parts on hand and ready to replace broken parts.

Gekko’s expert technical team provide professional maintenance and operational support.

Minimising downtime lost on ordering and not waiting for parts has enormous economic benefits for mining operations.

OEM Parts available through Gekko

Established in 1974 Ferno has 40 years' experience specialising in the supply of a complete suite of products that not only meets Australian standards, but also performs exactly how you expect it to, when you want it to. 

The product range includes but is not limited to Stretchers, Total Edge Management Systems, Roof Anchor systems as well as Descenders, Pulleys, Karabiners, and a full range of PPE.

To enquire about Ferno products, click here to contact Gekko Systems or email [email protected]

Founded in Australia in 1988, Crushing & Mining Equipment or CME as it is more widely known, is a leading supplier of crushing and screening equipment to the mining and quarrying industries.

To enquire about CME spare parts, click here to contact Gekko Systems or email [email protected]

The company, Pentair, has aquired a number of businesses and their products that have a rich history dating back more than 150 years. The company's brands include Keystone, Clarkson and Neotecha.

To enquire about Pentair products, click here to contact Gekko Systems or email [email protected]

Aquaplus pumps are high quality industrial pumps designed for use in a diverse range of Australian and international industries including mining, oil and gas, construction, water, sewerage & wastewater, agriculture, petro-chemical, industrial, food & beverage and manufacturing.

The Aquaplus pump range includes End Suction Pumps, In-Line Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Dewatering Pumps, Submersible Sewerage Pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps, Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps, Hose Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps, and Flexible Rising Mains.

To enquire about Aquaplus products, click here to contact Gekko Systems or email [email protected]

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