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Technical Paper 050 - Underground Pre Concentration By Ore Sorting And Coarse Gravity Separation

In a narrow vein mining scenario, employing preconcentration technology underground not only results in reduced transport and handling costs but may allow alternative mining methods to be implemented, improving overall productivity. Download File

Technical Paper 049 - InLine Pressure Jig Pre Concentration Plant At The Pirquitas Mine

Gekko Systems Pty Ltd engaged in the test work, design, manufacturing and commissioning of the preconcentration plant at Silver Standard Resources Inc’s Pirquitas mine in the north western Jujuy province of Argentina. Testing of the ore at coarse feeds of between 2 and 12mm returned probable recoveries of up to a total of 95% silver into 50% of the mass fed to the InLine Pressure Jigs (IPJ’s). Download File

Technical Paper 048 - Coarse Gold Separation At Bendigo Minings Kangaroo Flat Operation

Bendigo Mining operates a 600,000 tpa comminution, gravity, flotation and leaching processing plant for the recovery of gold from their Kangaroo Flat Operation, in the Bendigo goldfields. The free gold and gold bearing sulphides present are typically coarse grained, and hence are highly amenable to gravity recovery. Download File

Technical Paper 047 - Is The Python Right For Me Python Amenability Test Work

Gekko Systems Pty Ltd have developed the Python Underground Processing Plant for the concentration of gold and sulfide ores. The Python plant has an established flowsheet including fine crushing, screening, gravity separation and flotation which aims to concentrate the valuable minerals (gold/sulfides). Download File

Technical Paper 046 - The Role Of Gravity And Intensive Cyanidation In Processing Preg Robbing Gold Ores

A flowsheet has been developed to treat a high tonnage highly preg-robbing gold ore. The ore is lowgrade and fine grained with a high proportion of very fine free gold. The key components of the flowsheet include gravity, flotation, intensive cyanidation with direct electrowinning, and carbon-in-leach of the flotation concentrate. Download File

Technical Paper 045 - Python Underground Processing Plant Critcal Design

The use of continuous gravity recovery in combination with a controlled breakage fine crushing and screening system followed by flash flotation has been incorporated into the Python processing plant. This provides miners with a flexible, robust, low cost, low energy pre-concentration process for the recovery of gold and/or heavy minerals. Download File

Technical Paper 044 - The Modular Python Processing Plant Designed For Underground Pre Concentration

Historically, most hard rock ores are processed using large, high-energy-consuming crushing and grinding circuits, which require large structures installed on significant concrete foundations. To be able to significantly lower haulage costs, increase hoisting capacity, produce backfill underground and/or reduce surface footprint, a number of mine owners have investigated relocating their processing plants underground. Download File

Technical Paper 043 - New Developments IPJ And ILR Systems

New developments with the Gekko systems InLine Pressure Jig (IPJ) and InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) have allowed the technologies to prosper and provide positive outcomes for customers globally. A strong focus is placed on continuous product improvement at Gekko Systems and this is particularly so with the IPJ and ILR. Design improvements through past learnings from both a physical design perspective and increased levels of operability through increased automation, have ensured these products provide customers with what they require. Download File

Technical Paper 042 - Gekko IPJ Coal Separator

The Gekko IPJ Coal Separator (GICS) is based on a circular design and is capable of processing a wide particle size range (- 30 + 0.25 mm, i.e. - 13/16 inch + 60 mesh). For coal in particular, the GICS can process size fractions that include the smaller of those conventionally processed by dense medium cyclone (DMC) units (eg - 2 + 0.5 mm or - 9 + 32 mesh ) and all of those typically processed by spirals and teetered bed separators (- 2 + 0.125 mm or - 9 + 115 mesh). Download File

Technical Paper 041 - Gekko IPJ Coal Separator Value Addition In Coal Preparation

The Gekko IPJ Coal Separator (IPJ) is a mature technology that has not previously been applied to the coal industry. It efficiently processes a wide range (60 mesh to 1 ¼ inch or 0.25 to 32 mm) of particle sizes. The IPJ can efficiently process size fractions that include the smaller of those conventionally processed by dense medium cyclones (eg 6 x 0.5mm) and all of those typically processed by spirals or teetered bed separators (2 x 0.125mm). Download File


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