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Applicable Equipment


Flexible plant components for versatile, cost-effective flowsheets.


Also applicable to the G-Rex (Resin Column)


Also applicable to the Electrowinning Cells

Applicable Minerals


Free gold is unbound to other materials and is easy to liberate.


Gold associated with sulphides requires a modified flowsheet.


Free silver and silver complexes behave unpredictably and contain impurities.

Pregnant Solution Recovery

Mineral-bearing pregnant solutions contain gold and/or silver. They are produced from intensive cyanide leaching.

There are a variety of pregnant solution recovery methods available to isolate precious metals. Choosing the most appropriate is essential for maximising mineral recovery.

The conditions used in upstream processing, to generate the pregnant solution, play an important part in determining the best mineral recovery technique. In addition, knowing if the pregnant solution has a high or low-grade metal production rate will help to determine the optimal pregnant solution recovery method to use for a given allocated budget.

In general, Gekko design pregnant recovery circuits as part of an overall energy-efficient mineral processing flowsheet.

Gekko design and optimise low cost, low energy mineral recovery solutions.


There are various options for pregnant solution recovery depending on the solution type.

The capital outlay is low for simple, easy-to-use resins and stripping circuits such as G-REX Resin Column

Gekko provide complete design and operation solutions for optimising mineral processing flowsheets to customer requirements.

Gekko’s unique and innovative core technologies improve recoveries, save energy and provide environmental benefits.

Gekko’s design and technical services work together to support mineral recovery and provide step-change improvements.

Our G-REX resin column performs optimally to recover minerals from concentrates, even in the presence of flotation chemicals.

How It Works

Direct electrowinning is one of the pregnant solution recovery methods available and is most appropriate for high grade, low volume pregnant solutions. Gekko’s electrowinning cell has been specifically designed to handle high silver-containing solutions and is highly recommended. Gekko also use OEM cells, when appropriate.

For lower grade pregnant solutions, a resin-based, carbon-in-solution or zinc precipitation (Merril Crowe) process, as part of the overall flowsheet design, is suggested.

Resin columns, such as the G-REX, are good for treating flotation solutions or preg-robbing ores because they are simple to use, affordable and are not fouled by flotation chemicals.

A carbon-in-solution process is best for treating high volume slurries, while zinc precipitation (Merrill Crowe) is great for high volume solutions.

The Gekko Difference

The Gekko technical services team is skilled at designing and optimising flowsheets to handle challenging pregnant solution recovery conditions.

The Gekko team recognise the importance of keeping capital and operating expenses low, and take into account the varying environmental impacts involved in setting up a pregnant solution recovery circuit. Gekko consider all the options available and recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective preference.

Talk to Gekko today about designing a pregnant solution recovery system that offers the best return on investment.

Gekko Systems Resin Ion Exchange Column GREX

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