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Applicable Equipment


Flexible plant components for versatile, cost-effective flowsheets.

Applicable Minerals


Free gold is unbound to other materials and is easy to liberate.


Gold associated with sulphides requires a modified flowsheet.


Free silver and silver complexes behave unpredictably and contain impurities.

Cyanide Detoxification

Today, preserving the natural environment is of great importance. The widespread use of cyanide to leach gold from mineral deposits is a potential threat to wildlife. This is a threat the mining industry recognises and actively manages.

Gekko support mining companies to optimise the cyanide detox process for the best outcomes, both ecologically and financially.

Incorporating a specifically designed detox circuit provides robust environmental and business security. Expert design and optimisation of the process conditions, based on laboratory results and on-site tests, is critical to achieve efficient cyanide detoxification.

Meet environmental obligations at the lowest total cost.


A well-engineered detox circuit will offer financial gains via reduced waste management costs.

An optimised cyanide detox circuit enhances the entire operation to improve mine life and increase recoveries.

Meet environmental permit requirements and responsibilities though cyanide detoxification management.

An effective detox process will minimise the risks and liabilities of negative environmental impacts.

Gekko offers technical expertise and advice to optimise cyanide detox strategies for specific mining operations.

Cyanide waste is either recycled or detoxified, and the tailings are smaller, thus reducing negative impacts on the environment.

How It Works

Gekko’s world-leading experts in cyanide detoxification are available to help establish or improve a detox circuit. Gekko provide a comprehensive consultant service that includes:

  • laboratory test work and professional recommendations
  • process design and engineering
  • manufacturing and installation
  • commissioning and staff training
  • auditing, ongoing optimisation and online monitoring (if requested)

Gekko draw on the latest technologies and methods for detoxifying cyanide, including SO2/O2, H2O2 (Peroxide) and Caro’s Acid processes. They understand the benefits and pitfalls of each detox method and offer specialist advice using this knowledge.

Gekko’s knowledgeable team will gather and study mine-specific information and requirements. Ultimately, Gekko endeavour to achieve environmental obligations at the lowest total cost.

The Gekko Difference

Gekko’s laboratory testwork and optimisations are completely scalable to full plant-sized detox operations. As proven in 120 installations globally, Gekko’s in-house laboratory results can be directly scaled up to work with the same effectiveness in a regular plant operation. This will save time and money when setting up cyanide detox systems.

Over the last few decades, allied innovations have advanced cyanide detoxification processes for the global mining industry. Now, as part of Gekko’s Cyanide Detox Group, an accumulated wealth of experience and intellectual property are available for clients. Gekko’s cyanide detox recommendations are wholly based on their unique know-how of cyanide detox processes and harnessing Gekko’s core technologies.

Contact Gekko today about designing or improving a cyanide detox process, or to discuss critical detox requirements or any specific concerns.

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