PDAC 2020

| 19 March 2020

PDAC 2020 – a smaller but successful event for the Gekko crew

While coronavirus COVID-19 was clearly the hot topic of conversation at PDAC2020, our team at the conference of Nigel Grigg, Sandy Gray, Tim Bell, Denise Nunes and Diego Mielke were all pleased with the quality of people attending and identified quite a number of opportunities to assist customers improve their performance and returns. 

All our travellers have had the opportunity to isolate themselves and work from home on their return.   

Our team fielded significant interest from miners keen to improve their data instrumentation, analytics and automation with these conversations centred around the Carbon Scout   
and the OnLine Gold Analyser (OLGA).  Both of these products are leading Gekko’s charge towards our long term goal of offering real time gold monitoring and recovery and performance analysis in the plant.   

The Carbon Scout data being collected automatically in CIL circuits is achieving high correlations with manual sampling and customers are swiftly moving to automate their carbon movements.  

Both the InLine Pressure Jig and the  InLine Leach Reactor -  continue to have broad market appeal as methods to i) increase recoveries and ounces produced and ii) reduce AISC with lower costs.   

The InLine Pressure Jig appeal is growing well beyond the gold segment with very successful recent installations in sectors such as tin (Bisie Tin, DRC), native copper (New Afton, New Hope) and successful trials in upgrading iron ore. The attractions of the IPJ to operators include low opex, low water consumption, low head height required and low footprint.   

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