Developing a fully automated gold management solution

Gekko Systems | 25 October 2019

The combination of recent technology innovations by CSIRO (OLGA) and Curtin University (Carbon Scout) are delivering for the first time the capability to monitor and subsequently control and automate gold real time in your process plant.

Gekko is excited to be collaborating with both these pre-eminent research organisation and other METS companies such as Olympus and Rockwell to commercialise and develop a full data collection and automation solution for gold operators. Gold metal tracking problem definition:

Accounting for gold within process plants is difficult. Gold is hard to find, exists in small quantities and, when sampled for accounting  and plant control purposes, is present in such small quantities that operators question the reliability of the data from assays and struggle to make  day-to-day and long-term decisions regarding their operations.

In addition, as gold is difficult to quantify, it is becoming increasingly difficult to account for. Each day, metallurgists spend significant amounts of time either working through delicate spreadsheets or complicated metallurgical accounting programs; often manually manipulating input data to achieve a balance.

This is problematic for multiple reasons:

  • Incorrect or subjective adjustments are reported to senior management who often reports production data to the open market.
  • Senior management are using this data to plan forward looking production schedules, mine plans and budgets.
  • Incorrectly recorded performance data significantly increases the error in forward looking performance predictions, forcing metallurgical staff to spend increasing amounts of time justifying performance statistics, rather than optimising the plant and maximising value
  • Optimising the plant is then also made much harder for the metallurgists, because the data being used to optimise is untrustworthy, poor quality and often not available in high enough time resolution to have any significant meaning.
  • Managing, optimising reconciling and auditing gold plants is extremely difficult in these circumstances.


The Gekko led consortium has a mix of metallurgical/process experts and world leaders in data capture and analytics, software and automation and is working with leading gold organisations to deliver a complete solution for industry.

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