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Applicable Equipment


Award-winning, portable processing plant for high recoveries by gravity separation.


Flexible plant components for versatile, cost-effective flowsheets.


Innovative design that pre-concentrates high-value material.

Applicable Equipment


Intensive leaching technology in an advanced rolling drum design.


Applicable to the Gekko Resin Column (G-Rex)


Applicable to the Gekko Electrowinning Cells

Applicable Equipment


Also applicable to the Gekko Mag Screen

Applicable Processes


Saves energy by recovering material into small volumes.


Upgrades the material going forward for economic gains.


Innovative flowsheets for coarse crushing and optimal liberation.

Applicable Processes


Controlling viscosity and magnetics in gravity separation feeds.


A low-energy process to recover higher material grades.


A high cyanide and high oxygen reaction boosts recoveries.

Applicable Processes


Optimising the best way to recover minerals from solution.


High-volume electrowinning captures more metal with great efficiency.


Gekko use the latest technologies to design or improve a detox process.


Silver is a precious metal often recovered as a by-product of other metal refining, such as gold. Silver occurs as a free metal mineral, as well as silver sulphide, silver arsenic sulphide and silver lead sulphide complexes.

Unfortunately, lead, arsenic and other impurities of silver concentrates can attract high financial penalties from smelting companies.

The good news is that Gekko offers a high-throughput solution for removing impurities during recovery, which produces a purer, high-grade silver concentrate. And better returns for silver mine operators.

Adjustable intensive leach conditions maximise silver recoveries.

Silver Recovery

In the past, crude silver concentrate was produced and sold to smelters. However, mine operators are now taking advantage of additional profits that can be gained by on-site cyanide leaching using the InLine Leach Reactor (ILR).

Perfecting cyanide leaching chemistry is easy with the ILR. The ILR’s adjustable intensive conditions, such as higher cyanide concentrations and longer leaching times are fine-tuned to maximise silver recovery. The ILR is scalable to high tonnage operations.

Because Gekko’s ILR's provide a well-mixed system, superior dissolution of silver from surfaces occurs. The innovative design uses less solution volume, meaning less cyanide to detoxify, which is better for the environment. Also less energy is required for the ILR’s rolling agitation mechanism, compared to other systems.

To process high-grade silver-bearing pregnant solutions to pure silver concentrates, electrowinning is best performed using Gekko’s innovative electrowinning cell. This cell is specifically engineered to handle large volumes of high-value solutions typically generated by silver recovery operations. The cell’s high current density and unique ‘drop site’ design, for collecting silver solids, ensures that electrowinning is efficient and continues uninterrupted.

Pregnant solution recovery of lower grade silver solutions is achieved by resin-based, carbon-in-solution or zinc precipitation (Merril Crowe) processes.

Gekko's Approach

Silver is unpredictable in the way it behaves. The multiple forms of silver make cyanide leaching more complex than gold leaching.

Intricate leaching chemistry kinetics to liberate silver from unwanted material must be specifically tailored to each new ore deposit. Gekko recommend complete laboratory testwork be performed before initiating the design of an effective silver recovery plant.

For Gekko to best optimise a silver recovery process, an understanding of current operations and/or future plans is needed. Gekko will ask questions such as: Is the plant producing a flotation concentrate or a gravity concentrate? Is it high-grade or low-grade? What material tonnages are being handled? What is the size of the ore? What is the associated mineralogy of the silver deposit?

For more information about silver recovery flowsheets, contact Gekko today.

InLine Pressure Jig Pre Concentration Plant At The Pirquitas Mine

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technical paper
Technical Paper 049 - InLine Pressure Jig Pre Concentration Plant At The Pirquitas Mine

AusIMM Metplant, Perth, Australia. A.H. Gray. G. Delemontex, N. Grigg and T. Yeomans | 01 August 2011

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Technical Paper 036 - Improvements In The InLine Pressure Jig Expands Its Applications

AusIMM - Metallurgical Plant Design and Operating Strategies Conference, Perth Australia. A.H. Gray and T. Hughes. | 01 August 2008

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Technical Paper 027 - The Use Of AuRIX100 Resin For The Selective Recovery Of Gold And Silver From Copper Gold And Silver Solutions

AusIMM – First Extractive Metallurgy Conference. A.H. (Sandy) Gray, T. Hughes and J. Abols. | 01 November 2005

Upgrades for Hochschilds’ Ares Plant

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Upgrades for Hochschilds’ Ares Plant

Gekko Systems is assisting Hochschild Mining to expand and upgrade their silver concentrate leach plant at Ares mine site in Peru. | 01 September 2012

IPJ Gangue Rejection and Pre-concentration Plant Results Match CGR Lab Work

Full scale installations of the InLine Pressure Jig (IPJ) continuous gravity recovery circuits at Pirquitas (Silver Standard Resources) and Kloof (Gold Fields) provide further evidence of the strong.. | 01 July 2011

InLine Leach Reactor Attains 100th Unit

Our South American team is proud to confirm the sale of Gekko's 100th InLine Leach Reactor (ILR) unit. | 01 July 2011

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