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Applicable Equipment


Award-winning, portable processing plant for high recoveries by gravity separation.


Flexible plant components for versatile, cost-effective flowsheets.


Innovative design that pre-concentrates high-value material.

Applicable Equipment


Intensive leaching technology in an advanced rolling drum design.

Applicable Processes


Saves energy by recovering material into small volumes.


Upgrades the material going forward for economic gains.


Innovative flowsheets for coarse crushing and optimal liberation.

Applicable Processes


Controlling viscosity and magnetics in gravity separation feeds.


A low-energy process to recover higher material grades.


A high cyanide and high oxygen reaction boosts recoveries.


Polymetallic compounds contain a combination of different metals.

It is possible to recover and separate multiple metals from a single polymetallic ore deposit. For instance, lead, silver and zinc frequently exist in the same ore and have high, yet differing, specific gravities.

Traditionally, polymetallic compounds were separated by flotation or dense media separation processes.  However, the development of continuous gravity devices, such as Gekko’s InLine Pressure Jig, employs gravity separation to recover metal compounds from polymetallic ores in a cost-effective manner.

Gravity separation is used to effectively process polymetallic compounds

Polymetallics Recovery

Gekko’s innovative InLine Pressure Jig is the core technology for recovering multiple metals from polymetallic material. The IPJ utilises the differences in specific gravity of different metal-bearing minerals. This allows improved separation of each metal for easier, more cost-effective downstream processing.

In addition, Gekko’s world-class technical specialists in gravity separation techniques are the key to developing a viable flowsheet for, and profitable returns from, this type of ore deposit.

Gekko's Approach

Gekko recommend complete laboratory testwork on all polymetallic ore deposits. This will ensure that Gekko metallurgists and engineers understand the material’s metal composition and important gravity separation considerations.

Gekko will recommend and design an optimal recovery flowsheet for polymetallic deposits that also achieve low operating costs, low capital expenses and have a low environmental impact.

Improvements In The InLine Pressure Jig Expands Its Applications

Technical Papers (3 of 52)

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technical paper
Technical Paper 036 - Improvements In The InLine Pressure Jig Expands Its Applications

AusIMM - Metallurgical Plant Design and Operating Strategies Conference, Perth Australia. A.H. Gray and T. Hughes. | 01 August 2008

technical paper
Technical Paper 034 - A Focus On Gravity Recovery Improves Environmental And Cost Outcomes

AusIMM World Gold Conference, Cairns Australia. A.H. Gray and T. Hughes. | 01 October 2007

technical paper
Technical Paper 015 - Successful Applications Of The InLine Pressure Jig

SAIMM Gravity Conference, Mount Amanzi, Hartebeespoot. Russell Heins, Robin Spargo and Andrew McCallum. | 29 January 2003

BHP’s TEMCO Gravity Recovery Plant, Tasmania, Australia

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Case Study - BHP Billiton Temco

BHP Billiton's Tasmanian Electro Metallurgical Company Pty Ltd (TEMCO) is Australia's only producer of manganese ferroalloy. | 01 July 2008

Excellent Results on Polymetallic Ore Types

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Excellent Results on Polymetallic Ore Types

There is an increasing demand from customers to test the capability of the continuous IPJ gravity device to pre-concentrate polymetallic ores. | 29 October 2013

Gangue Rejection Circuit Increases Python Throughput x 5

The Python 500 modular processing plant was originally developed to process ore in an underground environment. | 01 September 2012

Gekko’s “CGR” Test Protocol Gains Attention

Gekko's technical and metallurgical laboratory teams are leaders in the design of gravity and intensive leach test research programs. | 01 July 2011

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