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Applicable Equipment


Award-winning, portable processing plant for high recoveries by gravity separation.


Flexible plant components for versatile, cost-effective flowsheets.


Innovative design that pre-concentrates high-value material.

Applicable Equipment


High-performance, efficient recovery using low g-forces.

Applicable Processes


Saves energy by recovering material into small volumes.


Upgrades the material going forward for economic gains.


Innovative flowsheets for coarse crushing and optimal liberation.

Applicable Processes


Controlling viscosity and magnetics in gravity separation feeds.


A low-energy process to recover higher material grades.

Other Minerals

Gekko’s advanced devices for gravity separation of gold also have powerful applications in the recovery of tin/tantalum, diamond, garnet and other gemstone-containing material.

Because all these minerals can be separated based on their unique specific gravity, Gekko’s expertise in gravity concentration and design of energy-efficient flowsheets can be applied.

In fact, Stokes Law defining the physical settling and separation of solids, as well as viscosity and fluid dynamics, all play a part in determining an optimal process circuit for recovering tin/tantalum, diamond, garnet and other gemstones.

Diamond, Tin/Tantulum are common minerals that can be recovered using Gekko equipment.

Other Minerals Recovery

Gekko’s unique InLine Pressure Jig is the core innovation harnessed for recovering tin/tantalum, diamond, garnet and other gemstones from significant ore deposits.

Gekko’s expert technical specialists in gravity separation techniques will design and develop an optimal flowsheet for this specific type of material.

Gekko's Approach

Gekko advise complete laboratory testwork for all mineral and metal deposits to identify critical composition features and important gravity separation characteristics.

Such testwork will inform Gekko’s process design team and ensure they produce an efficient recovery flowsheet for this type of deposit.

IPJ Starts The Modernisation Plan At The San Rafael Plant

Technical Papers (3 of 52)

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technical paper
Technical Paper 030 - The Pre Concentration Of Diamonds Using The InLine Pressure Jig

Gravity, Perth, Australia. Nigel Grigg. | 03 March 2006

technical paper
Technical Paper 020 - Characterisation Of The Pulse Wave Of An IPJ

Minerals Processing, Gravity, Perth. A Nesbitt, W Breytenbach and PJ van der Plas. | 04 March 2004

technical paper
Technical Paper 019 - IPJ Starts The Modernisation Plan At The San Rafael Plant

Gravity, Perth. Francisco Anglade Ruiz, Ian Gordon Hall Dun, Jorge Diaz Panuera, Rolando Huaraz Calero and Rob Longley. | 03 March 2004

San Rafael Tin Mine

Case Studies (3 of 14)

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case study
Case Study - Minsur

The San Rafael tin mine of MINSUR SA is situated high in the Peruvian Andes at 4500m and has been in operation for the last 30 years in various levels of production and is currently treating 77,000 .. | 01 October 2003

case study
Case Study - Argyle Diamonds

Gekko Systems recently successfully trialed a 20 tonne per hour Modular Diamond Pilot Plant at the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. | 01 January 2005

case study
Case Study - Kimberley Diamonds

Kimberley Diamond Company's mining operations are based at its Ellendale Diamond Project, located 140km east of the coastal town Derby in Western Australia's Kimberley Region (2,000km north of Perth). | 01 September 2007

Gekko’s “CGR” Test Protocol Gains Attention

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Gekko’s “CGR” Test Protocol Gains Attention

Gekko's technical and metallurgical laboratory teams are leaders in the design of gravity and intensive leach test research programs. | 01 July 2011

Great Lab Results for Python Amenability Test Work

Gekko has recently continued its successful relationship with a Western Asutralian-based company by performing pre-concentration test work protocols on ore from their Eastern Goldfield's Region... | 01 October 2013

Gangue Rejection Circuit Increases Python Throughput x 5

The Python 500 modular processing plant was originally developed to process ore in an underground environment. | 01 September 2012

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