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Applicable Equipment


Award-winning, portable processing plant for high recoveries by gravity separation.


Flexible plant components for versatile, cost-effective flowsheets.


Innovative design that pre-concentrates high-value material.

Applicable Equipment


Intensive leaching technology in an advanced rolling drum design.


High-performance, efficient recovery using low g-forces.


The Resin Column (G-Rex) can be used in Free Gold Applications

Applicable Equipment


Gekko's Electrowinning Cells can be used in Free Gold Applications


Gekko's Mag Screen can be used in Free Gold Applications

Applicable Processes


Saves energy by recovering material into small volumes.


Upgrades the material going forward for economic gains.


Innovative flowsheets for coarse crushing and optimal liberation.

Applicable Processes


Controlling viscosity and magnetics in gravity separation feeds.


A low-energy process to recover higher material grades.


A high cyanide and high oxygen reaction boosts recoveries.

Applicable Processes


Optimising the best way to recover minerals from solution.


High-volume electrowinning captures more metal with great efficiency.


Gekko use the latest technologies to design or improve a detox process.

Free Gold

Free gold is that which can be easily liberated and is unbound to other minerals. Free gold can be rapidly recovered in high amounts using gravity concentration methods.

Traditionally, simply exploiting the high specific gravity of free gold for recovery required little energy and was profit-generating.

Today, however, more milling energy is consumed due to the change in mineralogy of gold resources. For substantial energy savings and proven high returns, an innovative gravity pre-concentration circuit for free gold recovery is essential.

Gekko provide energy-efficient free gold recovery solutions

Free Gold Recovery

After crushing ore clumps to a manageable size of 20mm or less, via the Python or other crushing circuit, Gekko offers a range of free gold recovery options.

At the coarse 350 micron - 20mm ore size, a pre-concentration jigging circuit can be designed incorporating a proven, efficient recovery device for free gold: the InLine Pressure Jig. Used globally in over 215 installations, the Inline Pressure Jig receives very coarse free gold (up to 30mm), reducing downstream operating costs and environmental impacts.

For fine free gold ores of 50 - 350 micron, a conventional gravity box circuit that incorporates a modern centrifugal concentrator is recommended. Higher centrifugal g forces extract the free gold particles. The InLine Spinner is perfect for low water consumption operations and will produce a smelter-ready product.

If the ore product contains a combination of coarse and fine free gold, the modular Gravity Flotation Intensive Leach (GFIL) system can produce a higher-yield product.

For ores smaller than 50 micron, the particle weight is too light for physical separation by gravity; therefore gold recovery will require a modular chemical flotation process.

Gekko’s Approach

If testwork has been completed on the ore body, the Gekko team can get started today. If not, Gekko’s fully accredited Laboratory Service will analyse the ore. Then ore test results will guide Gekko’s engineering team to design the best ore-specific gravity recovery flowsheet.

Gekko will help recover free gold from different ore sizes with diverse mineralogy and gold distribution. Gekko will design a free gold recovery flowsheet that will optimise operations with improved returns and environmental benefits.

In consultation, Gekko will design a system to suit current operations or development plans. Contact Gekko today for more information.

Underground Pre-concentration by Ore Sorting and Coase Gravity Separation

Technical Papers (3 of 52)

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technical paper
Technical Paper 050 - Underground Pre Concentration By Ore Sorting And Coarse Gravity Separation

AusIMM Narrow Vein Conference, Perth, Australia. B. Murphy, J van Zyl and G. Domingo. | 01 March 2012

technical paper
Technical Paper 048 - Coarse Gold Separation At Bendigo Minings Kangaroo Flat Operation

AusIMM Gravity Gold Conference, Ballarat, Australia. M. Braaksma, P. Gray | 04 September 2010

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Technical Paper 047 - Is The Python Right For Me Python Amenability Test Work

AusIMM Gravity Gold Conference, Ballarat, Australia. T. Hughes, K. Donaldson, and B. Murphy. | 03 September 2010

The complete Woolshed Gully gold processing plant - designed and installed by Gekko

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case study
Case Study - Ballarat Goldfields

Gekko Systems have recently designed, engineered and built the Stage 1 process plant for Ballarat Goldfields (BGF). | 01 April 2006

case study
Case Study - Beaconsfield

Beaconsfield Gold Mine in Tasmania operates a gravity recovery circuit ahead of a flotation plant in order to maximise the gold recovery in the total plant. | 01 January 2003

case study
Case Study - Penjom Gold Mine

Gekko Systems installed six InLine Pressure Jigs (IPJ500) to recover both free and sulphide associated gold from grinding circuit. | 13 June 1998

Gekko’s “CGR” Test Protocol Gains Attention

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Gekko’s “CGR” Test Protocol Gains Attention

Gekko's technical and metallurgical laboratory teams are leaders in the design of gravity and intensive leach test research programs. | 01 July 2011

Damang Upgrades ILR to Latest Model

Gekko's InLine Leach Reactor has long been the world's leading intensive cyanidation unit. With over 115 installations world-wide, the ILR is beginning to be a standard inclusion to cyanidation... | 01 October 2013

Gangue Rejection Circuit Increases Python Throughput x 5

The Python 500 modular processing plant was originally developed to process ore in an underground environment. | 01 September 2012

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