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Economical coal separation by gravity with high throughput and fast processing.

Applicable Processes


A low-energy process to recover higher material grades.


Coal remains a valuable commodity essential for steel making and an economic necessity for the generation of electricity, particularly for base load power and within developing economies.

Gekko specializes in liberation and gravity processing, ultimately providing operations with flexible solutions with emphasis on increased returns for all involved stakeholders.  The concepts founded within minerals processing have been successfully applied to coal for the benefit of the industry.

For more information on innovative coal extraction flow sheets and implementation into current mining operations contact Gekko today.

Improving coal recoveries using gravity separation.

Coal Washing & Handling

Gekko’s approach to coal handling and processing stems from a proven understanding that processing of the raw material should be determined by the characteristics of the deposit.  Liberation, modularity and coarse gravity separation allow for step change benefits to green and brownfields operations.  Profitable exploitation of marginal deposits or reject dumps adds production to the extensive coal value chain, increasing yields for financially attractive returns.

Gekko’s specialization in comminution in conjunction with the development of the InLine Pressure Jig – Coal Separator (IPJ-CS) expands upon the existing suite of technologies available to coal operators.  The IPJ-CS combined with existing liberation technology and dense media separation options allow for alternative designs based on low footprint, low head height modularity.  The combination of technologies expands the available process routes and provides opportunities to de-bottleneck, expand and increase yields for coal cleaning operations.

Gekko's Approach

Operational data and efficiencies have been achieved using the IPJ-CS during onsite trials and independently verified.  Gekko also provides liberation testwork for marginal grade deposits or operations wishing to increase yield.  Samples may be sent to Gekko Systems for comprehensive analysis and modelling to predict outcomes of various flowsheet options.

Pilot plant options are available to practically test and measure the benefits of Gekko’s specialized coal handling and processing flowsheets.

Gekko possesses in house capabilities to study and assess particular coal deposits and recommend the right solution for a particular deposit.  Following necessary testwork and/or pilot trials, Gekko can provide comprehensive studies and engineering for the process best suited to the application.

Expanding the Capabilities of the IPJ to Coal

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