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Brochure - Metallurgical Laboratory

Specialist world class laboratory, backed by technical experts

Metallurgical Lab

Accurate Results

Mineral recovery is as much a science as it is a process. That’s why Gekko’s technical team use scientific evidence to optimise and maximise a specific mineral recovery process. 

Testwork begins at Gekko’s fully-equipped laboratory in Ballarat, Australia. Gekko’s metallurgists, chemical engineers and laboratory specialists, in consultation with mine operators, run a range of analytical tests on ore samples. Gekko deliver high-quality, reliable results using state-of-the-art instruments and quality-controlled methods.


A specialist laboratory backed by world-class technical expertise.


Accurate testing and subsequent plant efficiency improvements help to protect the environment from the impacts of mining.

Every process step for mineral recovery can be replicated and tested for viability and efficiency by Gekko’s world-class metallurgical laboratory service.

The metallurgical laboratory has state-of-the-art equipment for sample preparation, grinding, flotation, gravity separation, gold leaching, as well as a leach pilot plant to test protocols, circuit configurations and more.

Professional advice is offered to maximise recoveries from ore deposits, including recommendations for gravity separation, flotation, intensive cyanide leaching, electrowinning, sizing and more.

Python testwork can be performed. From a 400-500 kg ore sample, the suitability for pre-concentration of mineral in Gekko’s Python Processing Plant can be determined.

Gravity separation creates a high-grade stream of concentrates for preferential treatment and efficiently removes waste. Specialist testwork provides accurate recovery information to optimise gravity separation processes for highest yields.

Global Expertise

As the world’s leading developer of continuous gravity separation systems, Gekko has the knowledge to design profitable gravity concentration flowsheets.

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Large scale testing for larger benefits

The flowsheet concepts that Gekko design and test on a small scale in the laboratory are met and matched by robust large-scale production plant solutions:

Laboratory methodologiesProduction Plant Solutions
Laboratory scale Gekko inLine SpinnerGekko InLine Spinner®
Laboratory scale Falcon ConcentratorFalcon Concentrator®
Intensive cyanide leachingGekko InLine Leach Reactor® - batch
Laboratory scale Gekko InLine Leach Reactor® - continuousGekko InLine Leach Reactor® - continuous
Bottle roll and gold absorption using AuRIX® 100 resinGekko Resin Column®
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