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Brochure - Assay Lab

World class assay facility, quality and timely analysis

Brochure - Gekko Assay Labratory

Gekko Assay Lab Capabilities - World Class Laboratory

Brochure - Coarse Gold Sampling & Assay

Professional services from internationally renowned experts

Assay Lab

Based in Ballarat, Australia, Gekko’s Assay Laboratory is a world-class facility.

This laboratory service stems from a foundation in developing gravity separation and intensive leach technologies for maximising gold recoveries.

Gekko’s Assay Lab operates to the highest occupational health and safety standards, and quality control. Standard operating procedures are in place for all in-house systems and processes. The Assay Laboratory also provides technical support for Gekko’s Metallurgical Laboratory.

A world-class facility that provides quality and timely analyses.


Time is money in mining and that’s why rapid accurate results help to keep a mine running productively.

Reliable technical results provide certainty in mining operations and ensure sound decisions are made based on laboratory test evidence.

Gekko’s team of process and chemical engineers, metallurgists and technical specialists are dedicated to providing high-quality results, fantastic customer support and helpful advice.

Gekko’s assay instruments meet strict quality control guidelines and all test runs include internationally certified reference standards to ensure an excellent standard of mineral testing is provided.

The Assay Lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for sample preparation and analysis to deliver useful, accurate results.

Gekko understand the importance of testing mineral recoveries and improving operational processes for greater efficiency and more profits.

Experts in Coarse Nuggety Gold

Gekko specialise in determining the quantity of gold in coarse nuggety ores. Accurate quantisation and characterisation of these ores is essential.

Gold quantities will indicate whether mining the ore deposit is economically viable.

Specific ore characteristics will pinpoint what process steps will be beneficial to recover the most gold from the deposit.

Gekko also specialise in base metals such as Ag, Cu, Fe, Pb, Ni, S, Zn, Co, Sb, Mn and Mg in ore.   

Laboratory Capabilities

Sample Crushing & Milling equipment
Boyd Crusher for fast, single pass crushing
LM1, LM2 & LM5 high volume pulverising mills

Coarse Nuggety Gold Testing
LeachWell 500-3000™, a proven leaching technique for coarse gold
Screen Fire Assays (SFA500-SFA1000), for quantifying  gold in coarse samples

Geochemical & Metallurgical Testing
Fire Assays (FA25, FA30, FA50), for quantifying gold in non-coarse ore
AAS, ICP-OES and LECO® analysers for quantifying carbon and sulfur content, gold on carbon, gold in solution and for laser sizing of metals in ores.

Environmental Testing
PS3100 (OI) analyser for WAD cyanide, free cyanide, total dissolvable solids and other environmental sampling.

Better Decisions

Gekko’s goal is to provide prompt high-quality test results that add value to mining operations and help mine managers make informed decisions.

Depending on the needs of the project, the Assay Lab service is flexible and aims to deliver analysis reports to schedule. Sample transport to the laboratory can be arranged.

Contact Gekko today for more information on the Assay Laboratory’s services. 

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