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OnLine Gold Analyser

The fully self-contained OLGA module technology was developed by the CSIRO and is now being brought to the market by Gekko.  

The OnLine Gold Analyser or OLGA is the first onstream analyser designed to read gold in slurries and solutions, giving operations the ability to see and control their plants in real time. 

Delivering an updated sub-parts per million (ppm) Au measurement every 10 minutes, OLGA provides insights into process performance that are unobtainable with assayed sample sets.  

This enables real-time monitoring and control of process systems and empowers mining operators to minimise gold losses from process excursions. 

Onsite trials at a Queensland gold mine have been successful, with OLGA successfully tracking grade variations in real time for both flotation feed and flotation tails. 


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OLGA Features

  • - Patented X-ray lenses reduce background levels of other elements, allowing direct real time measurement of gold (down to sub-ppm levels) in both slurries and solutions
  • - Live trends reported directly to the plant control system give operators greater visibility of gold in processing streams, enabling both real time process optimisation and immediate identification and rectification of excursions
  • - Simple, continuous feed system eliminates cross-contamination and maximises data availability
  • - Numerous data points and large sampling volumes ensure all grade variations are included in metal accounting figures
  • - OLGA is modular, skid mounted and all components are pre-integrated. This makes OLGA fast and easy to install.


OLGA vs Assay Gold Sampling


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