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Applicable Minerals


Free gold is unbound to other materials and is easy to liberate.


Gold associated with sulphides requires a modified flowsheet.


Free silver and silver complexes behave unpredictably and contain impurities.

Applicable Processes


A high cyanide and high oxygen reaction boosts recoveries.

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Carbon Scout

Increase profitability and improve safety with the advanced Carbon Scout

A collaboration with Curtin University in 2017 and subsequent real-world case studies have demonstrated that our advanced Carbon Scout technology will increase mining site profitability by reducing soluble gold losses.

By advancing the accuracy, regularity and consistency of sampling, the self-contained, ground-level unit will improve measurements in carbon-in-leach and carbon-in-pulp circuits to an accuracy of ±0.5 grams of carbon per litre of pulp.

The Carbon Scout will also greatly improve the safety of your operation by reducing operator exposure to cyanide and other hazards.

Then Carbon Scout has changed the way we work and increased the accuracy of our processing ten-fold.

- Ted Williams CEO, Gold Acres


Brochure & Case Study

To demonstrate our proven real-world results please view a case study from current Gekko customers




Economic gains from reducing soluble gold loss to tails


  1. Assumes 50% w/w pulp density in tails - lower pulp density will result in higher losses
  2. Assumes gold price AUD$2,230/ounce
  3. Figures are gross losses - often reduced by process water recycling


Carbon Scout features


Speak with us about the Carbon Scout

Find out how your mining process will benefit from the Carbon Scout.

3D Model of Carbon Scout


improves the accuracy, regularity and consistency of carbon density measurements in carbon-in-leach and carbon-in-pulp circuits

The Carbon Scout also improves safety by reducing operator exposure to cyanide and other hazards.

helps gold mine operators optimise process plant efficiency and reduce soluble gold losses

Analyses 10 times more slurry than manual sampling to determine carbon density levels

Accurate and consistent carbon concentration measurements in CIL and CIP circuits while freeing up operators for more critical duties

The Carbon Scout was developed by Dr Teresa McGrath and Adjunct Professor Bill Staunton from Curtin University, in association with Bill McCallum from Havilah Consulting.

Gekko Systems has licensed the technology from Curtin and will be responsible for the development, marketing, manufacture, sales and aftermarket support of the Carbon Scout system.

The agreement between Curtin University and Gekko Systems sets the path for further development of the Carbon Scout and process control systems utilising its sampling and data collection abilities.

Unique Solution

• Online detection of Carbon levels
• Analyses 10 times more slurry than manual sampling to determine carbon  density levels
• Single point of measurement for up to 10 CIL/CIP tanks
• Extendable to pH and Dissolved Oxygen measurement
• Integratable to process control systems such as SCADA
• Ground level sampling system for easy collection of GIC samples
• Programmable sampling frequency
• Lease + service package for higher ROI

How the Carbon Scout works

The process used by the Carbon Scout to determine the distribution of activated carbon produces results in line with manual carbon concentration measurements conducted by plant operators.

The process involves:

> Collecting a sample from the tank
> Screening the sample (to separate the pulp and activated carbon particles)
> Measuring the volume of the activated carbon particles

The accurate sampling capabilities of the Carbon Scout can be utilised for daily laboratory samples as well as future technology enhancements such as online density and mineral analysis.

The Carbon Scout utilizes a unique siphon system to deliver representative samples directly into the unit for analysis. Thus removing operator exposure to Cyanide solution, this machine improves safety, accuracy and consistency of carbon concentration measurements in CIL and CIP circuits.

Combined with SIMCIL process modelling the package will deliver improved carbon management, reduced gold solution loss and free up operators for more critical duties.

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