Upcoming Conferences

Keeping up to date with the latest knowledge and ongoing advances in mining technology is important.

By participating in conferences and meetings Gekko Systems are well positioned to identify, and therefore proactively address, emerging challenges facing the global mining industry.

Gekko value good relations with the Australian and international mining sectors. Gekko will continue to solidify these relationships and long-term partnerships by supporting a range of conferences each year.

Gekko personnel present new developments, host booths and attend various conferences worldwide.

An eye-catching Gekko booth in action
An eye-catching Gekko booth in action

Upcoming Conferences

PDAC - Toronto, Canada
Indaba - Cape Town, South Africa                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mining Mission- Moscow, Russia
Diggers & Dealers - Kalgoorlie, Australia
Argentina Mining - Mendoza, Argentina
Extemin - Arequipa, Peru
Expomin - Santiago, Chile
Mexico Mining - Sonora, Mexico
Metplant - Perth, Australia
MineExpo - Las Vegas, USA
Electra Mining - Johannesburg, South Africa


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