Technical Leadership

Gekko Systems continue to demonstrate world technical leadership in minerals processing due to a strong commitment to expand knowledge and practical experience.

Gekko’s global team continues to strengthen in numbers, technical capacities and industry knowledge to provide more successful installations, step-change benefits and value-based outcomes for customers.

Practical industry knowledge and experience
Practical industry knowledge and experience
Energy-efficient design

Energy-efficient design

Gekko impart technical leadership through low-energy flowsheet designs, low capital expenses and small footprint designs, and modular design and construction capabilities. Gekko aim for a positive environmental impact and lower operating costs over the life of the mine.


Gekko conduct collaborative research and development projects through long-term technical partnerships with industry and academic groups, with the broad aim to innovate and optimise gravity-based mining processes.

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Gekko also offers a Graduate Metallurgy Program with a flexible study design. Participants can accelerate through the technical program based on experience and knowledge. The program aims to enrich the next generation of process engineers and professional leaders with technical leadership skills in mineral processing.

Gekko also offer annual technical and training conferences, focused on sharing knowledge with staff across the company’s geographic centres of excellence.

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