Environmental Focus

Protecting the environment is integral to all Gekko Systems product and service solutions.

At every turn, Gekko design, operate, consult or educate with a clear focus on delivering positive environmental impacts and world technical leadership.

All Gekko flowsheet designs, installations, processing circuits, operations and technical services focus on the core environmental principles of:

  • lowest energy consumption
  • lowest resource use 
  • smallest footprint

Wherever possible Gekko will deliver the most efficient, smartest way to get better results for the environment, as well as economic step-change benefits through successful installations.

Getting better results for the environment
Getting better results for the environment

Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution

In 2011, Gekko Systems established a not-for-profit organisation called the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC), with a view to improve the future of mining. The CEEC’s primary objective is to accelerate awareness, knowledge transfer and, by implication, improve the energy and cost outcomes of comminution.

Through the promotion of research findings, alternative comminution strategies and installed outcomes, the CEEC aims to significantly accelerate the mining industry’s performance in this area.

Improved comminution practices in the future will lower processing costs and reduce the carbon footprint of mining operations, to provide positive environmental outcomes.

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